Easy Auction Finance

Auction Finance

Auction finance for buying property on sale can be arranged on the telephone or by email even when you are sat in the auction. You can get a guaranteed offer in principal in minutes from a host of direct actual lenders in the form of bridging finance and short term finance to tide you over until you organise and finalise a mortgage or remortgage. As long as you already have a house to use as security with enough equity built up in it, you can get an instant decision on tailored auction finance enabling you to bid at will to a budget you know you can have access to within twenty four to forty eight hours time. Whether you have a good, bad, poor, indifferent or adverse credit history, all loans are secured on the equity built up in the home you want to use as security, meaning a higher chance of immediately acceptance whilst you are sat at the sale house. Try us out today, under no obligation to see if we can offer you the best rates on for your tailor made, unique auction finance package.

There are many auction houses up and down the country and sometimes there are properties offered at the sale that have not been advertised. You may not think about bidding on a listed house, but when you get there change your mind, and in that event, simply by using your laptop or Smart phone to use our contact form can get you a decision on auction finance within one hour or sooner, if needed.

Buying a property at auction  

Be prepared if you are considering buying a property at auction. Firstly you have a property that is going under the hammer. You can just turn up and maybe you will get lucky, however, you do have ample to prepare correctly. There are many auction houses that have regular dates throughout, and all year round. Acuitus is a good place to start. You can actually request a catalogue in advance, from any of the auctioneers and if there is a property or more than one house that takes you fancy, gives you time to contact the selling auction and arrange a viewing. Do your research. We advise to take a Conversion specialist, Local Roofer and Tree Surgeon with you. Compare its upkeep to other homes in the area.

You will need at least a ten percent deposit available on the auction. Auction finance is a good way of having funding in place before, or even arranging the financing during the auction by way of bridging loans. This can used for either just the deposit or for the full purchase price until your organise a mortgage or remortgage, or sell a property that you currently have for sale. Apply online for auction finance.